> Missing 9-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Found Safe

Missing 9-Year-Old Tennessee Girl Found Safe


We’ve been vigorously following the story of abducted Tennessee girl Carlie Trent. A week ago, the 9-year-old was picked up from school by her uncle, Gary Simpson. He lied and said Carlie’s father had been in an accident, and that he had been instructed to pick her up.

Investigators had begun to grow fearful after surveillance footage captured the man buying camping gear and non-perishable items at a store.

Early Thursday morning, Simpson was put on the Top 10 Most Wanted List by the TBI, and a spokesperson said that they had reason to believe that Carlie was in danger.

Investigators suspected that Carlie had been taken to a remote location after footage showed Simpson purchasing a girl’s swimsuit and nightgown, as well as lip gloss and nail polish.

Thankfully, Carlie has been found safe and her uncle is in custody. The young girl was found in Hawkins County, a rural area of east Tennessee, where she lives. An arrest warrant for especially aggravated kidnapping has been issued to Simpson.

Gary Simpson is married to Carlie’s father’s sister. While Carlie’s uncle did have custody of her for a period of time, she and her sister had been living with their father since 2015.

There is a news conference scheduled later this evening to discuss Carlie’s recovery.

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