Mom boils toilet paper after going through hard times, shares results that stun the internet


Former Marine Amber Mills has had her ups and downs. This mom of three ended up diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and fell into a depression. But when she learned about a contest to use toilet paper creatively, it inspired her. She began spending her day juggling motherhood and working on her contest entry, which is jaw dropping. Be prepared to never look at toilet paper the same way again.

Amber spends six hours on each individual piece that comprises her final creation – a wedding dress. It’s tedious work and time consuming, but it keeps her mind off her debilitating disease. Her children also love watching their mom when she’s working on the project. She used pink toilet paper from the 1970s, along with traditional white toilet paper, glue, tape, a needle and thread. You will not believe what those few ingredients can result in when Amber is the creative mind behind the project.

She simply removes the cardboard roll, boils the toilet paper, adds a lot of glue, then mixes it up with a handheld mixer to obtain the consistency of mashed potatoes. Then the hard work begins. She uses an intricate mold to shape the complimentary designs on her final product, which truly will leave you floored when you see it. Watch Amber’s story and see the final version of the breathtaking pink and white wedding dress that in the end won her 3rd place. You truly will not believe it.