A Mom Creates A Fairy Tale Wonderland To Encourage Her Daughter To Read


Kerry Wright wanted to create a special, magical space for her daughter, Chloe, but not just something that looked pretty.

She wanted Chloe’s room to be a place that would inspire Chloe to grow, explore, and be curious. And what better way to make that happen than to encourage reading?

Chloe is 2 years old and will be reading soon — and Kerry wanted to instill a lifelong love of books into her right from the start.

To that end, she came up with the idea of a bedroom covered with murals starring famous, much-loved characters from fairy tales and other children’s literature.

Smart parents know that children’s imaginations have to be stimulated in order for them to grow into creative, curious people, and the best way to do that is to create a magical space for them. Like the dad who constructed a massive, light-up fairy tree in his daughter’s room, Kerry wanted something truly one-of-a-kind.

And of course, it was also a way for Kerry to express to Chloe how much she loves her!

Take a look at what Kerry created for Chloe below, and you’ll be impressed not only at the dedication, but at Kerry’s skills as an artist!

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Kerry wanted something a little more than the average kid’s room. Chloe’s room to start with was pretty plain, but that wouldn’t last long!


Kerry painted the room into one continuous mural, which was broken into different segments like a forest, a meadow, the sea, and the sky.

Her brother, Daniel, helped her collect all of her ideas and arrange them into one large, but cohesive, image.


And then Kerry got to work, creating a huge scene that included characters and settings from all kinds of books, from classic fairy tales to Dr. Seuss to modern characters.


Even the bedding was book-themed! Kerry used different fabrics with Dr. Seuss prints to create this bright patchwork quilt. She hopes it will become a family heirloom one day.


Most of the furniture and accessories were bought second-hand, as Kerry had a budget for this project. But it shows you that with some hard work and cleverness, you can make anything work!


Kerry says that Chloe has some learning difficulties, but despite that, she’s a bright and curious girl. “There is no denying she is a very clever girl,” Kerry says, “but just struggling in some areas.”


She hopes the room will serve as a way to inspire Chloe, and to encourage her to read, be curious, and most importantly, never give up.


She’s also thinking ahead. Remember, Chloe is only 2, so she’s still too little to read many of the stories represented on the walls.

But Kerry wants her to be curious about them and ask, so that they can read the books together.


She’s also deliberately left extra room so that as Chloe discovers new characters, they can be added in!


The eclectic, colorful mix of characters and styles also showcases Kerry’s talent as an artist. There are characters from more than 90 books on the walls so far.


Kerry is also actively collecting the books she’s represented on the walls. It’s an ongoing process, since there are over 90!

But each time she finds one, she buys it, building Chloe a great collection for a young reader.


This toy chest, Kerry says, perfectly sums up her daughter, and it’s a philosophy she hopes Chloe will carry with her throughout her life.

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