> Mom Dances Her Way Through Labor In Hilarious Video!

Mom Dances Her Way Through Labor In Hilarious Video!


Amber Renee Murphy was pregnant with her sixth child. When the expectant mother went into labor, she decided to use an unusual tactic to cope with the pain. Since she shared it on Facebook, the video has been viewed over 1 million times. Watch as Amber gets out of her hospital bed and dances her way through her contractions.

“I love that the video has made so many people happy,”Amber told BuzzFeed. “I was very happy that day, being 41 weeks and feeling like I had been pregnant for two years!”

To deal with the labor pain, her midwife suggested getting on all fours to turn the baby. However, Amber felt that she was too heavy to kneel down for that long. At first she began walking the hospital halls to strengthen the contractions, but when her water broke, she began to leak fluids. So Amber took a more creative approach and decided to dance.

“And I started dancing,” she said. “I did it gentle for [the] baby’s sake. It took my mind off the pain as I danced and giggled with my family. Laughing is the best for contractions, just not so much for pushing (go time)!”

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