> Mom Didn’t Believe Him, So He Asked Her To Film. Now Watch As He Snaps His Fingers

Mom Didn’t Believe Him, So He Asked Her To Film. Now Watch As He Snaps His Fingers


Putting an infant to bed can be a struggle for many parents. But one dad has figured out a secret method that gets his little girl to fall asleep instantly – no matter the time of day or night.

As you’ll see in the short video clip, dad rests his little girl on his chest and then when she moves about, he lists his hand and snaps. Immediately, she lowers her head and proceeds to go into nap mode.

This dad has it all figured out. Check out the footage below and laugh along with this loving family!

With mom behind the camera, dad decides to show the world how well his daughter listens to him. With the girl in her polka-dotted sleepwear on his chest, dad waits until she lifts her head up and then does his little trick.

With the snap of his fingers, his daughter lowers her head down to his shoulder and proceeds to get ready to nap.

As the little girl obeys her dad’s snap, mom burst out in laughter. The little girl doesn’t understand why they are laughing. And dad just has a radiant smile on his face as he feels the little life he helped create lying on his chest.

The video description on Rumble, where it got more than 200,000 views, says it all: “This dad has figured out the perfect way to get his baby girl to take a nap. All it takes for this little cutie to settle down for a nap is nothing but a snap!”

But the video truly achieved viral status when it was published on the YouTube channel called Kyoot Kids, earning a whopping 2 million views. Here are some popular comments from that page:

Rebekah Brown wrote, “How cute is that, when dad opens his eyes, its the same eyes as the baby.”


While most viewers loved the loveable moment, others were smitten by dad’s good looks.

“No disrespect, but I don’t know if I was more mesmerized by the baby or her handsome dad lol…but really they have beautiful eyes!” wrote bookwrm4evr.

“adorable baby and attractive loving father. Pleasure to watch,” tissa71 shared.

“oh my god!!! the father is soooo hot!!! can’t take my eyes off him! please tell me he has an identical, unattached twin!” another smitten viewer wrote.

One user said that the wife must be proud to know she has a “hot” husband…While dad is trying to take advantage.

“the wife now is so proud because of “hot dad” comment. and the dad now has registered to ashley madison ’cause he just knew other lady thinks he is hot. ok. just kidding. how old is the baby now? i am curious how beautiful she is now,” wrote Herna Machu Elyazar.

Others were preoccupied with the baby girl’s ear piercings.

What do you make of this cute family video? Did you have special moments like this with your baby?

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