For more than two decades, Jan DeVito has had the exact same beauty routine. She caresses and sprays her hair in the same perfect bun. Then you apply make-up to the entire face.

Throughout the day, she was constantly reapplying hairspray and makeup.

Jan says. “I’ve had the same look since I was 16. I’ve been wearing my hair in a bun for at least 25 years.” “I’ve been using the same makeup since I was at least 15 or 16 years old.”

Even before bed, she slept with a face full of foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick. Her daughter says Jean was always known as the woman with the silver bun and lots of makeup while growing up. Embarrassed by the stare her mother received, she hopes to give Oprah Jean a makeover where she is sure to be less.

“Another coat [of makeup] before bed. I never know if I [maybe] at some point have to get up, some sort of emergency, I won’t have time to put on makeup and I’ll never leave the house without it,” says Jan.

The first thing you do every morning is take off your pillowcase because it’s covered in makeup. “I don’t remember the last time anyone, including my husband, saw me without makeup,” she says.

Finally, when the transformation is complete, Jean’s beauty shines through. With less coverage, you can actually see its amazing features. The audience, including her daughter, couldn’t help but scream.

“It’s like makeup… makeup,” Oprah says. See the incredible “make-up” below.

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