> Mom Posts Horrifying Photos Of Her Child On Social Media

Mom Posts Horrifying Photos Of Her Child On Social Media

Dela Cruz Francisco turned herself in to social services after the pictures garnered national attention. 46-year-old Lurleen Hilliard, founder of Nolonger Victims, was outraged when she saw the pictures and immediately alerted the authorities in the United States. They then got in touch with Filipino counterparts, at which point Dela Cruz Francisco promptly turned herself in. We must warn you that the following photos are graphic.
It’s staggering that a mother would behave this way, and it’s even more horrifying that she openly posted these photos to her Facebook page. It begs the question – what else has this mother done to her poor son? She clearly is not suited to take care of a child. According to DailyMail,¬†after¬†Dela Cruz Francisco’s arrest her son was taken into care.
We can only hope that he is never subject to his mother’s cruelty again. Each and every child deserves a loving set of parents. Hilliard had this to say about the matter, “We have to, as a society, disable child abuse and the way we can do that is by ensuring people like this, who to me is just an excuse of a mother, she’s an insult to women, is held accountable, is tracked down, her child is removed and the child is protected and is able to grow up with the innocence of a child and without having to live with child abuse.”
This is an incredibly sad story and we hope that justice is brought upon the mother. Child abuse is a horrific act and has no place in society. If you or anyone you know is aware of any form of abuse occurring, please speak up and get help.