Mom rents a DVD from Redbox, is shocked to find $100 and a shocking note inside the DVD case


Movies are a go-to distraction from the craziness of life. For one mom, running to the local Redbox DVD rental kiosk became a really special moment, and one she would not soon forget when she found a mysterious note scribbled onto binder paper and stuffed inside the DVD case.

Taking the DVD to her house, the mother opened up the case and a note scribbled on white binder paper fell out from the center. Curious and a little weary of the random piece of paper, the woman carefully opened up the letter, and in doing so, dropped five bundled up twenty dollar bills tucked into the center of the paper.

Shocked by the situation, the woman went on to read the note that was written on the paper. The note from the Redbox DVD case has been transcribed below.

Source: Twitter


My name is Marcos. Every month I take $100.00 that I’d normally spend on myself and give it away to a stranger.

This month I decided to change it up and put it in a Redbox DVD. You are the first giveaway of 2017! I just ask that you put the money to good use. If you don’t need it, give it away. If you need it, keep it.

Have a great day! —Marcos”

Source: Twitter

This man by the name of Marcos decided he could brighten the lives of random strangers by adding a hundred dollars to the Redbox DVD case he had rented last, and it was truly appreciated by the woman who posted pictures of the DVD she ended up renting that night. Marcos’s donation came with a beautiful message as well, and urged the finder to donate the hundred dollars to somebody else if they felt they did not need it. Otherwise, Marcos was happy to send the money to a home that may have needed it more than he would have.

The internet took notice of these pictures and Marcos’s amazing, selfless actions. People on Facebook and Twitter began to praise Marcos’s actions and expressed how they may even copy his idea the next time they make their way to a local Redbox DVD kiosk.

Source: Twitter

Marcos’s actions show how easy it can be to really change the direction of somebody else’s day. Although it meant taking a hundred dollars out of his own pocket, by donating this money to a stranger, Marcos has really shown that doing little things for strangers can really brighten up the world.

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