Mom Reveals The Scary Cause Of Their Teen Daughter’s Shocking Death


In the summer of 2014, 16-year-old Lanna Hamann went to Mexico for the weekend. She was vacationing with friends and their parents.

One day, while she was relaxing on the sandy beach, Lanna suddenly went into cardiac arrest. Tragically, she died.

Her death, at first, was a complete mystery. After all, Lanna — a student at Sunrise Mountain High School in Peoria, AZ — was active, healthy, and outgoing. She was a skilled softball player with no previous medical issues. There were no red flags whatsoever earlier on in the vacation that explained what happened.

After the tragic news sank in, Lanna’s mom Kris went public with what she believes caused her daughter’s death. Not only was Lanna reportedly dehydrated that day from not drinking any water in the hot weather, but all she did drink that day was energy drinks. In fact, Lanna drank a Red Bull moments before she collapsed on the beach.

Cardiologist Jack Wolfson agreed with Kris. Lanna was essentially addicted to energy drinks, and high levels of caffeine and sugar can be extremely dangerous. “There is medical evidence that these things do harm, they can cause changes in the heart rhythm, and impact blood pressure,” he said to KSAZ Fox 10.

Kris says her daughter’s tragic death could have happened to anyone, anywhere.

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