> Mom sees newborn’s face and threatens to kill him, so nurse takes him home instead

Mom sees newborn’s face and threatens to kill him, so nurse takes him home instead


Unthinkable, sad, incomprehensible — these words and many worse ones run through my mind when I think about the background to this story.

But I’ll try to focus on the positive, since this story also shows how incredibly kind some humans can be…

When little Adam was born, his parents refused to accept him. They were so ashamed of their baby that they considered poisoning the infant if they were forced to take him home from the hospital.

Adam was born with a healthy brain, lungs, and heart. But when he entered the world, he lacked eyelids, a nose, and hands — and his legs were fused together.

So, Adam’s frightened birth parents simply refused to accept him as their own.

But fortunately, two heroes stepped forward and gave the little boy a second chance…

Little Adam was born with an extremely rare condition in a Christian missionary hospital in India.

His parents were shocked when they saw their newborn baby.

They refused to accept him and threatened to kill him if they had to take him home.


Adam was born with a healthy heart, brain, and lungs. But his face didn’t look like most other babies.

The boy was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas syndrome. He was born without eyelids, a nose, a mouth, and hands.


Married couple Raja and Jessica Paulraj, who by chance worked on the medical team that cared for Adam, couldn’t bear the thought of no one wanting Adam.

And when Jessica held the boy in her arms, she knew that she and Raja had to adopt him.


The couple then took their adopted son to a specialist in the US, where Adam underwent several surgeries.


Unfortunately, their hospital bills in the US skyrocketed, and the family was faced with the daunting task of generating enough funds to pay for them.

Then something amazing happened. A collection was started, and the family, along with thousands of strangers, raised $100,000 in just one week.


After several successful surgeries, Adam now has eyelids and a new mouth. Through love and care from Raja and Jessica—and with community support—Adam is now a happy and healthy boy, he loves to play, and is curious about the world.


Adam is making progress all of the time, even if he needs surgery now and then when complications arise. Since his mouth is so deformed, he has trouble talking, although he very much wants to get his words out.

The struggling family continues to give Adam the security and love that he deserves. What a wonderful couple!

I’d like to wish the Paulaj family good luck in the future. Adam is so nice just like he is!