> Mom struggles to conceive for 7 years, but when doctor shows her ultrasound she almost faints

Mom struggles to conceive for 7 years, but when doctor shows her ultrasound she almost faints


Beata Bienias and her husband Powell were desperate to start a family, but after seven years with no luck, they began to lose hope that it would ever happen.

“I never thought I would have a problem with getting pregnant,” 36-year-old Beata said.

Beata has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can make getting pregnant a challenge, and she was also overweight, so doctors suggested she try losing weight. But even after losing 70 pounds, she still couldn’t get pregnant.

Finally, the couple decided to try IVF. Beata recalls crying tears of joy as the doctor harvested her eggs because she felt so excited about the prospect of finally being a mom.

Doctors warned the couple against having sex while they were going through the IVF process, but they made an exception on Beata’s birthday, thinking little of it. Little did they know their lives were about to change drastically!

A short while later, doctors implanted the embryos and soon Beata got the news she had been waiting seven years for: she was pregnant!

When she went in for her sonogram, though, she was in for a big surprise.

The couple had been hoping and praying that at least one of the embryos would survive, but the technician told them something that left them stunned: they were expecting triplets!

“We both were in shock and we looked [at] the monitor with disbelief, just wondering who put [three babies] there,” Beata said. “Straight away I called my mum and then I started crying saying, ‘There’s three inside me.’”

But they were about to get an even greater shock. When doctors examined Beata further, they realized that only one of their embryos had implanted. The twins had been conceived naturally!

While this phenomenon is certainly rare, it is not outside the realm of possibilities. Dr. Christine Greves, a doctor at the Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology in Orlando (who did not treat Beata), said, “One can conceive naturally when undergoing IVF treatment…and the implanted embryo can take. It is possible.”

“It happens very rarely,” she added. “A lot of the people who seek IVF have difficulty getting pregnant.”

While the idea of having triplets took a little getting used to, Beata and Powell excitedly began to make preparations for the babies’ arrival.

On December 13, at 34 weeks pregnant, Beata gave birth to Amelia, Matylda, and Borys. They all spent a week in the hospital and then went home where the triples are thriving.

Taking care of three babies is a difficult task, but it’s one Beata and Powell wouldn’t trade for the world.

“It can be difficult and hard, but it’s more than 100 percent worth it,” Beata said. “I’m tired after a night but when I look into these little faces, it melts my heart.”

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