> Mom Thanks NICU Nurse Three Years After Her Premie Son Survives

Mom Thanks NICU Nurse Three Years After Her Premie Son Survives


When Kayley Smith was 28 weeks pregnant, she started feeling sick. She knew something was terribly wrong. While riding to the hospital in the ambulance, she gave birth, but the outlook for her son did not look good. Still, Hunter fought for his life in the NICU of Cook Children’s Hospital. Miraculously he not only survived, he thrived. Kayley credits nurse Ginger Hull for giving her hope in what seemed like the darkest time.

“Ginger is amazing. From the minute I got here, she made me feel welcomed and made me feel like this was going to turn out good,” Kayley told CBS DFW’s Ken Molestina. Now, three years later, Kayley has returned Cook Children’s Hospital with Hunter, who is as healthy as any other toddler, to thank the nurse who seriously changed her life.

“I was overwhelmed and excited,” Ginger said. “I really wanted to see Hunter, more than anything. He was very tiny, pretty sick when he first came in, but he got through it.”

Kayley says she is grateful, blessed, and in awe of how well Hunter is doing today. Watch the mother and nurse shared a hug that was long overdue.

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