Mom Warns Parents Of The Dangers Of Cinnamon Asphyxiation


Matthew Radar was doing what any 4-year-old kid would do: he was goofing around and climbing things in the house. He managed to open the spice cabinet and began playing with the spices inside.

The next thing his mother Brianna knew, her son was convulsing like he was having a seizure. What caused this reaction? Cinnamon. Many items we expect to be harmless can have dangerous side effects. For instance, this man took colloidal silver as a home remedy, and it turned his skin blue.

An hour after arriving at the hospital, Matthew passed away. The coroner ruled it an accidental death caused by cinnamon asphyxiation. The same spice we have in our breakfast oatmeal, in our favorite treats, and in our coffee can be incredibly harmful — even deadly.

It’s important to hear Brianna and Matthew’s story because kids often eat large amounts of cinnamon for fun.

You may not be aware of this, but there is a game called the “Cinnamon Challenge.” People of all ages attempt to swallow heaping spoonfuls of cinnamon just to see if they can, as the dryness of the cinnamon typically causes one to cough it right back up after swallowing. This could be a popular game at your children’s school, and you may not even know it.

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