Mom warns about the proper use of baby car seats after losing her toddler

One mother is begging parents to pay better attention to how they buckle their children into their car seats after her son was ejected from the vehicle he was riding in, and later died from his injuries,  as seen in the video from RTV6, at the end of the article.
In May 2014, Holly Wagner was at work when she received a call that her then boyfriend had been involved in a car accident. Her 11-month old son, Cameron, was riding in the back seat but he was not buckled properly. Not only was he facing forward, but only the top portion of his car seat was buckled. When it broke, he was ejected from his seat, RTV6 reported.


Wagner took to the internet to plead with parents to pay better attention and to speak up when they see something wrong. In her blog, “Mommy of an Angel 51313,” Wagner encouraged parents to say something.
“Have you every seen someone do something that you knew was wrong, but were too afraid to tell them? … You don’t know her so you decide it’s best not to interfere because your [sic] scared she may get upset or think your [sic] crazy. … I can NOT stress this enough … TELL THEM HOW TO FIX IT!!”

Cameron did not die instantly. He lived on life support for almost two weeks before doctors told Wagner that his brain damage was too severe for him to survive. He died May 13, 2014.

Wagner says his death could have been avoided if she’d known that his seat was facing the wrong direction and that he wasn’t buckled properly. In the weeks prior to his death she’d posted a photo of him on Facebook, facing forward in his seat, but no one said a word. Now she’s taking a stand and she’s more than happy to let you know if you’re not buckling your children properly, Today reported.
“Now, I’m that mom who doesn’t sleep at night. I’m that mom who spends most of her shopping trips avoiding the baby boy clothes. I am the mom that has learned from her mistakes.  I am that woman that will tell you you’re doing it wrong! And you know why?? Because I wish every single day of my life … that someone would have told me I was doing it wrong before it was too late,” Wagner wrote on her blog.
Safe Kids says that some 73 percent of car seats are not installed properly and that ensuring the car seat is used properly could reduce the risk of death by up to 71 percent.  Every year 8,000 children are killed from preventable injuries and almost 9 million children are injured in accidents that could have been prevented, according to Safe Kids.

Safe Kids offers the following tips for ensuring that your child is as safe as possible in the car:

-Buy the right-sized car seat for your child. Check the label to make sure it’s appropriate for their weight, height and age.
-Car seats have an expiration date (exposure to sun breaks down the plastic over time)
-Your child should be rear facing until at least 2 or until they outgrow the weight limit on their rear-facing car seat.
-When installed properly, the car seat should not move more than an inch when you shake it.
-Remove bulky jackets or sweaters before buckling your child.
-The chest buckle should be bucked at armpit level, and tighten until you can’t pinch any loose material at the shoulder level.