Mother Of 3 Shares How She Got Her Kids Potty Trained Quickly


One of the toughest moments in raising a child is getting them potty trained. There are hundreds of techniques and products out there that claim to be the “best” way to get your toddler potty ready, but the process really does run on a case by case basis. Once you and your little one are ready to start trying it out, though, Youtuber Kristy from Glass Posse has a foolproof plan that is the secret to potty training your toddler in as little as one day.

The first step is ensuring that this is the right time to start. If they show interest in the toilet or going to the bathroom, going into a corner or hiding behind/closing a door every time they have to go, it is likely time to get them started.

The next step is going cold turkey on the diapers. Kristy claims that the best method is to put the panties on, and let them feel what it is like to go to the bathroom without a diaper, even if that means going all over themselves.

With this last step, it is crucial that you potty proof your house! It is best to protect furniture, rugs, bedding, and carseats that your child is likely to come into contact with.

Once you beginning the potty training process, it’s important not to lose hope. One of the best tactics in this is requiring that your toddler cleans up any mess they make by not making it to the toilet in time. This way, you can ensure that the child is aware that they are the ones who made a mess, and that mess was a result of not making it to the bathroom.

Kristy claims that these steps led her little girl to be potty trained in just one day! What technique have you found works best for potty training?

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