> Mother Giraffe Performs Miracle In Front Of Lucky Bystanders…

Mother Giraffe Performs Miracle In Front Of Lucky Bystanders…


With her long neck and slender legs, you may not be able to tell that Sarabi is about to become a mother, but you better believe this baby is coming!

For the second time in just a few months, a baby reticulated giraffe was born at the Memphis Zoo. While she was standing in the giraffe house, Sarabi gave birth to a female calf, while plenty of spectators watched in pure amazement.

Much to zookeeper Richard Meek’s surprise, the baby began to walk and nurse just minutes after she was born. “Giraffes usually stand within an hour of being born,” Meek said to ZooBorns.com. “This one stood and started nursing very quickly, so we were very pleased.”

The cheers from the crowd make this moment truly special; they know exactly how blessed they are to have witnessed this incredible birth!

Note: Please know that this video does contain the ENTIRE birth, from start to finish, but if you do choose to watch, you’re in for something truly breathtaking. Seeing mother and baby embrace for the first time is truly magical!

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