So it’s 2014, and Whitney Matney is the mother of a beautiful daughter, Riley. As she is still a student, she and her husband Chris decide to hire a nanny to look after Riley while they are away from home.

Whitney thought she could trust her old classmate to be the best nanny for her child, so she hired her, but soon after, the little girl started acting strangely. Riley would run and hide behind her parents whenever the nanny showed up. It really ate the Whitney. Not knowing why her child was behaving strangely, she decided to set up a nanny cam to find out. The results broke his heart!

Turns out the “trusted” nanny wasn’t actually a nanny. He was a monster who liked to hit and rock children for the suspense that went with it. Well, the nanny’s camera caught her in the act, even though she tried to hide the act by rolling the camera against the wall. But it was too late!

Whitney immediately called the cops. The mother now works hard to make sure the other kids don’t go through what Riley went through.

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