Mysterious hair loss takes toll on mom—then, daughter gifts special mirror to boost confidence


For many women, hair is the most important part of their beauty. Not only is hair a reflection of their identity, it’s also a symbol of their femininity. Hence, when this woman noticed her hair was falling out, her self-esteem plummeted.

When Glynis visited the salon to get her hair done five years ago, her stylist spotted a small bald spot on her scalp.

Glynis didn’t think much about it until she found another bald patch two to three years later.

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Glynis then consulted a dermatologist, who claimed she was undergoing temporary hair loss.

However, her bald patches became larger after the first treatment.

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After going through a scalp biopsy, the doctor gave her a different diagnosis—she was either suffering from alopecia areata, which can be treated, or central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA), a scarring condition that will result in permanent hair loss.

The shocking news hit Glynis hard.

“How could this be happening and happening so fast?” Glynis told The Doctors.

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As Glynis lost her hair, which represents “a large part of me being female,” she was also gradually losing her confidence.

“When I look in the mirror, it’s devastating,” she said.

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Donning a wig, Glynis became hypersensitive.

Worried that people might know she was wearing a wig, she avoided making eye contact with everyone.

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Glynis later revealed this “secret” to her daughter, Midori.

Midori did everything to make her mother feel better. She wrote inspiring messages, such as: “You are a strong woman,” “Amazing Mother!” “Beautiful,” and “Confident” on a mirror, and gave it to her. She wanted her mom to look at the mirror and pick herself up every time she felt sad.

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It’s not easy for Glynis to show her bald patches to the world.

But, the brave mother chose to appear on The Doctors, an Emmy award-winning talk show, because she wanted a solution to her hair loss.

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To determine what was really causing her hair to fall out, The Doctors engaged the help of dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra.

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Dr. Batra found out that Glynis’s bald patches were actually the result of alopecia areata—a common, yet treatable autoimmune disorder. That means her hair can re-grow with treatment using topical solutions, injections, or oral medications.

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It’s definitely good news for Glynis. What’s more, she was given a year of treatments—totally free of charge, by Dr. Peter Malouf from Dermatology Associates of DFW.

Hopefully, Glynis will have her hair re-grown and soon be able to stand confidently, and smile!

To find out what hair loss solution Dr. Malouf proposed for Glynis, watch the video below: