Mystery In A Chinese Class


Some artists are just too good in everything that they do that you will need to take a second look or probably more to fully understand what they are trying to communicate to you. This video is in a classroom setting where one girl walks into the class with a drawing in hand, there is one student explaining something on the board and the rest are seated all doing different things.

All the students are female and the camera zooms in to let you see all their faces and what they are doing. With a nice Chinese song playing in the background, things take a turn just as you begin to wonder what the video is all about.

A group of makeover artists change the appearance of every girl in the room and makes the all look and dress up like high school boys. You can’t really tell that they are actually girls. At the end of the video something happens just in the end that will make you think again about what you just saw.Kindly SHARE this amazing work of an artistic mind with your friends on Facebook and see what they think.