They Were Nearly Booed Off Stage…Until They Did THIS And Shocked Everyone!!


Whether it’s a homeless man with a hidden talent or a very strong and shocking 93-year-old, sometimes the greatest surprises come from the most unlikely people!

On the other hand, we have professionals like Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, who always keep it classy, but still have a few tricks up their sleeves. These two talented musicians make up the group 2CELLOS, who are best known for re-imagining pop and rock tunes on their cellos.

This Croatian duo’s music has been featured on many television shows and they are well known in some circles, but you can imagine how a group of hard rockers reacted when they were expecting to see a metal show and these two stepped on stage with their classical instruments. They were shocked at first and booed the guys when they stepped on stage… Seconds later, the crowd was singing a way different tune.

Check out 2Cellos mashing up 1812 Overture with Iron Maiden’s “The Trooper”. This is one video that EVERYONE can enjoy!

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