Neighbor Asked Him To Feed His Cat While He Was On a Trip… Now Watch what the Cat Does!!


Some cats apparently make great watch dogs!

“My neighbor wanted me to feed his cat while he was away,” the man shared on YouTube. “It was progressively getting worse and worse each time, so this time I decided to film it. This was the third or fourth time I tried. I did nothing to provoke him at all, he just didn’t want me in his crib.”

Nevertheless, one thing unusual was occurring with the kitty. Each time he tried to feed the kitty, he was attacked by this cat. He wasn`t positive why he’s reacting like that. The neighbor was 2 weeks gone at the moment.

It was getting worse every time, and this man determined to seize that second on digital camera.  He did nothing to impress the cat in any respect.

In all probability the cat simply didn’t need him to be in his house.  We expect that this cat was very protecting over his territory.

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