No One Wanted To Adopt Her – But When She Reached Out They Noticed Something Strange


It’s always difficult to imagine how anyone could ever abandon an animal, but that’s exactly what happened to a special little kitty called Deandra.


Deandra isn’t your normal kitty as she was born with a very unique and special pair of paws. Rather than having individual toe pads, she has two split pads which look more like bird feet than cat paws but it doesn’t cause her any harm.

“Deandra and her two companions were a little disheveled when they were collected but after living at the end of a garden for several weeks it’s hardly any surprise,” RSPCA Manchester & Salford said.


After being nursed back to health, she spent 10 weeks at the RSPCA centre in Manchester but no one came for her. During her first few weeks at the centre, she was very shy and timid but soon came out of her shell.

As hopes began to fade and it looked slim that she would find a new home, but then along came Michael Casemore who immediately took a liking to her and knew he had to take her home.


Deandra is now living with her new owner, Michael, and has never been happier!

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