Nothing I Did Got Our House Smelling Nice. So A Friend Pulls Out Our Air Filter And Pours THIS On It


Sometimes the house gets a stale smell – especially if you cook food at home a lot. But this guy’s simple trick can transform the way your house smells in seconds.

And the best part? You already have everything you need in your pantry. Check this out!

The secret to a better smelling home is already in your kitchen. It comes in a little bottle and is something you use frequently when baking.

But when you repurpose this common kitchen supply you’ll reinvent the way you use deodorizers and air fresheners forever.

What’s the secret? Vanilla extract!

Remove your furnace filter and put a few drops of the common baking ingredients on it. The next time your heater turns on, your home will smell like a busy bakery – a smell everyone loves.

Not only does it smell good, spreading the scent around your home might also help battle your cravings for sweets. It’s worth a try, right?

But if you’re not a huge fan of vanilla, you can use other scents as well. Get some lavender or lemon essential oil.

This trick works because it uses natural ingredients and floods your home with a scent you love. It’s all natural, clean, and delicious.

Is this a trick you’ll try today?

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