Nothing Would Stop His Newborn From Crying. Now Wait Until You See What This Dad Does To Stop Her…


Normally comedians are known as extremely witty and clever people. They talk about various topics in a joking manner. Their main goal is to be light-hearted and to entertain.

This one comedian showed everyone his sensitive side as he shows an amazing video on the day of his daughter’s birth.

Michael Jr., a Christian Comedian, showed a video that he took on the day his daughter was born where he was watching his daughter cry as newborns normally do. He found it recently and saw something amazing by watching it again. She was crying continuously and nothing made her stop crying.

Then, Michael Jr. starts talking to his daughter and she stops crying immediately!

Michael Jr. explained that his daughter would only be soothed by his own calming voice. Then he shows us another clip of when his daughter was crying while some nurses were performing a routine examination and he proves what he says is true.

The second he starts talking to his daughter again she is silenced other than adorable content noises. When he tells her he loves her you will see just how much love the two already have for each other.

It is such a heartwarming story that even a comedian like Michael Jr. had to share it with viewers. He reminded everyone that when life gets crazy all you have to do is listen to the “father’s voice,” because he is trying to say he loves you.

He leaves his fans with this message and this amazing video of a father’s love for his daughter and her love for him.

Watch this amazing testament of love in the video below and tell us what you think of Michael Jr. and his message in the comments below!