Off-Duty Cop Drops Firearm In Elevator, Disaster Ensues


Warning: due to its frightening nature, some may find this video difficult to watch. 

It’s safe to say that Cincinnati police office Darryl Jouett has a thing or two to learn about firearm safety. Watch as he fumbles with his weapon while in the elevator with his wife, yielding a truly terrifying outcome.

According to the Youtube user,, “Jouett pulls his .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun out of its holster and appears to try and re-holster it. Jouett almost drops the weapon when it gets tangled in his coat. The gun fires into the elevator door as he tries to catch it. A bullet then ricochets and hits Jouett in the stomach.” Apparently, Jouett was conscious when the paramedics arrived on the scene and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

we’re glad this unlucky off-duty cop survived the unfortunate ordeal. However, we sincerely hope this sobering incident reminds him to be more vigilant in the future!

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