Old Man Delivers Flowers, Brings Happiness To Strangers In Need


Seven days a week, Pop Pop, 80, and GiGi, his wife of 60 years, are surprising folks around Jacksonville Beach with unexpected random act of kindness. Each morning, they pick up the flowers donated by Trader Joe’s and drive around the area delivering bouquets to complete strangers.

“How we decided where to go with them was interesting; it was just some hand was guiding us. We just started with nursing homes, Alzheimer’s centers, all the public schools — 10 of them — police stations, crossing guards, strangers,” Pop Pop explained.

You can instantly see how much it means to these individuals to have these surprises delivered. But one of the last stops is at Joy Martin’s home.

“She was referred to us, as a lot of people are, by a friend of ours, who is a friend of hers. She had extraordinary brain surgery,” said Pop Pop. “Just bringing her flowers weekly would be a pick-me-up.”

Even though Joy knows they’re coming, she still is completely surprised and overcome with emotion that they keep returning to surprise her with flowers each week. Seeing that joy is what keeps this Jacksonville Beach waking up each day and continuing on their surprise deliveries.

“Just take a few minutes in your day and look around and see everybody needs something, and you are the one to provide it,” he said. “And if you don’t, who will?”

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