Most moms will throw a fit if their kids track in just a bit of dirt on their nicely vacuumed carpet, but this mom would probably prefer that to what her 5-year-old daughter waltzed into their home. This adorable video was filmed by Billie Jo Decker and shows her daughter hilariously try to explain how one of the family cows got inside the house.

Little Breanna had some explaining to do when her mom came home to find a cow leisurely hanging out on their covered porch. At first it sounds like mom is a little bit angry, but as her cute daughter stammers through a fib by suggesting that the door was already open, she starts laughing and seems practically sold on the idea of a house cow. Then when her daughter starts settling down for some snuggles with her bovine pal, all the mother can say is “aww” as all anger fades away.

According to her original adorable story, the cow simply came in because someone happened to leave the door open. Seems legit to me.

Breanna first tries to fib her way out of the situation.

You see, she was simply looking the other way when the big buddy wandered in.

And they’re both just so cute, it’s impossible for her mom to be mad.

The youngster’s mom, Billie Jo Decker, recorded the whole tall tale and it’s clear that there’s an extra special bond between Breanna and the bovine.


(Source: Billie Jo Decker)

Great, now I want a baby cow to cuddle with in the house. It’s so fluffy!

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