> From The Outside It Just Looks Like An Old Train Car, But One Step Inside? I AM SO JEALOUS!

From The Outside It Just Looks Like An Old Train Car, But One Step Inside? I AM SO JEALOUS!


Trains are one of the post popular things among young children; the captivate their attention like few other things.  Children aren’t the only ones who love trains though, many adults have an equal passion for them too!

That’s why when Izaak Walton Inn is located in Essex, Montana had some extra rail cars, they knew exactly what to do with them to rake in more renters.

The Izaak Walton Inn is situated right next to Glacier National Park, and in the 1930’s the park was gaining popularity fast, so the Inn opened its doors right next to the Northen Railway, and was doing great.

The inn was going to expand later by opening a third entrance to the park on due to its success, but because of World War II and the Pearl Harbor bombings, the Inn never did and remained small.

This worked in their favor though, as the inn was then known for its kind staff, cozy rooms, and relaxed environment making it a hidden treasure in Montana.

Soon the inn decided to add some new furnishings to their set up, but it wasn’t a new log cabin or comfy couches, but mementos from the Great North Railroad.


The inn added this picturesque caboose that used to run to Essex on the railroad, but it is much more than just a rail car!


The caboose actually has a fully renovated, beautiful interior with space to sleep up to six people.


Boasting two sets of bunk beds, a master bedroom with a queen size mattress, fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and a functional fireplace, this cabin is a gorgeous place to stay during your hiking or ski vacation.


The caboose is so big that they had to use a crane to move it to its proper position!


Elise Wright, the general manager of the Izaak Walton Inn ecstatically commented on their new addition saying, “We get a lot of rail fans here who just go crazy over the trains”


They didn’t only add a caboose though!  The inn in fact has many renovated cars that attract rail enthusiasts from all around the nation.


Each car was meticulously renovated with an acute attention to detail. Birch walls compliment the refinished oak floors and create an aesthetic like no other.


This train car is one of the larger ones, capable of holding two couples or a family.


They tried to keep as much original detail intact as possible.  They even have the old controls in this renovated locomotive!


This little man seems to be having a blast in their hotel room!


The inn has a few other cars that have been refitted as well, including the JJ, Green, and Orange cabooses.


Though the Essex rail branch is not as active as it was before, the occasional Amtrak train still flies by, capturing the attention of the rail enthusiasts.


The Izaak Walton Inn is a place like no other, and will be a blast to visit for the whole family.

Have you ever stayed in a unique hotel anywhere?  Would you stay in one of these rail cars?  Let us know in the comments below!