> Owner Surprises His Puppy With A Million Pieces Of Dog Food

Owner Surprises His Puppy With A Million Pieces Of Dog Food

Dogs live simple lives and are fairly easy to please. Just reward them with a tennis ball, a dog, or even pamper them and that’s enough to brighten their day. But the YouTuber wanted to take it one step further.

Liam Thompson has reached a special milestone on his YouTube channel: one million subscribers. And what better way to celebrate than to reward your dog? Liam had the brilliant idea of buying his dog a million bites of dog food to celebrate his special day, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate. He shared a funny YouTube video and it’s one of the craziest things we’ve ever seen!

Liam captioned his video:

“Yesterday we hit 1,000,000 subscribers. Today I buy 1,000,000 pieces of dog food,”

Unsurprisingly, the video has had over 3.5 million views, as well as thousands of likes and comments since it was posted in mid-July.

“Yesterday, we hit a million subscribers. Wow. And I owe a lot of that to this guy here.” Liam points to his dog, Max. “So as a way to say “Hey Max, thanks,” I could buy one million dog biscuits.” Well, we’re sure that Max won’t object to that.

Of course, a lot of planning has to go into a video like this, and Liam thought things out carefully before the big day came around.

“First thing’s first, we needed to work out exactly how many bags of dog food we would need, in order to have one million biscuits,” Liam said.

To show us the process, he filmed himself calling several different dog food companies and asking if they were wholesale. “It sounds weird, but I’m looking for a million cookie dogs,” he said.

Logically, Liam decided that the best he could do was buy and count a huge bag of cookies to count how many individual pieces were in each bag. He bought a 12 kg bag and went to work, counting. We don’t envy him in the least, but with over a million followers to stay happy, Liam knows they deserve only the best.

After seeing the humongous pile of dog biscuits on the floor, Liam quickly backtracks on his counting idea and instead decides to weigh out the dog food to get the overall number.

After counting, Liam realizes that he will need 29.7 bags before he has a million dog cookies. Now this will make a mess!

But as a good sport, Liam buys bags and finally, the day comes when he collects dog food. Then he goes to work, devastating them all. Until he hits a lump in the road.

“If I kept them (the biscuits) all for Max, it would take him seven years to finish them.” Liam says. “So I called the SPCA, and it turns out that if the food is unsealed then you can’t donate it.”

So Liam came up with a great idea to keep some of the bags closed so they can go to the SPCA.