> Parents say Islamic sensitivity program should be pulled from kids curriculum. Do you agree?

Parents say Islamic sensitivity program should be pulled from kids curriculum. Do you agree?


The San Diego school board is being fired at by angry parents and for good reason. The San Diego School Board of Trustees recently announced that they would be implementing a mandatory Islamic sensitivity program for all students as part of a fake anti-bullying campaign. The program started out as part of a plan alongside the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), but when parents got wind of the program, they showed up to the school board meeting to voice their opinions and one dad’s rant stood out amongst the rest.

“My name is Christopher Wyrick, I’m a father, a husband, and a very, very proud American,” said the angry dad as he took the mic at the school board meeting. “I’ve been given many titles in my life but the one I’ll never accept is the one of ‘Infidel.’” During the one minute allotted time, Wyrick went off on a well-rehearsed tangent regarding the board’s choice to infiltrate Islam into American schools. When his one minute was up, he said, “You’re gonna have to drag me outta here,” and the crowd of parents clapped and cheered him on. The board was immediately silent, realizing that this dad was not messing around. Wyrick went on to make more valid points that stimulated praise from the audience.

Following Wyrick’s speech, another woman took that stage and presented her reasons for why teaching Sharia Law to the students is a poor choice. “Sharia law has no regard for women. Sharia Law treats women like dogs and women’s genitalia are mutilated. Sharia Law is not something that should mandatorily be taught to our children.” She was surprisingly calm as she revealed the horrific facts about the law and she went on to say…

“This country needs to be united, we have been divided so much.”

Every speaker who took the mic at the school board meeting was against the implementation of the so-called sensitivity program. Several brought up the fact that the Lord’s prayer has been taken out of public schools, yet they are moving in a direction that exposes Islamic Indoctrination. Doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense.

As to be expected, commenters had a lot to say about this one…

“They say they will protect Muslim children but not all children? The first parent said he was not asked permission for his children to be taught the religion of Islam! Great points made about Sharia law being against women. That was well said by the parent that said he did not want his children taught hate speech under the veil of religion.”

“SDUSD is a terrorist loving district.CAIR follows the evil teachings of the Koran. The district doesn’t adhere to bullying. But it advances the culture of killing the infidels.”

“All children should be safe. Sharia law doesn’t belong in the USA. Ban Islam from the USA.”

“Islam worships the perfect man, Mohammad. If you study the Quran and Hadith, Mohammad is a Prophet of Lucifer, demon possessed psychopath, a false prophet, murderer, child rapist, pedophile, terrorist, sex slave trader, racist, extortionist, sex addict, pervert, wife beater, and a misogynist. Did I say, Pedophile? Mohammad is a great role model and an example of the perfect man.”