> Patient Asks If Home Nurse Will Clean His Fridge. Opens Door And Can't Believe Her Eyes

Patient Asks If Home Nurse Will Clean His Fridge. Opens Door And Can’t Believe Her Eyes


As an at-home nurse, Amanda Perez is used to seeing all types of heartbreaking health conditions and living situations. Somehow, she manages to stay strong and keep her patients’ bright futures in mind.

However, during a recent home visit to a patient, Amanda saw something that would change her outlook on life forever….

Amanda shared her eye-opening experience inside the home on her Facebook page. It’s easy to understand why it’s gone totally viral!

“I have never felt so ungrateful in my life [as] I did today….

Someone once told me, it doesn’t matter what you have now, because as a human, you’ll always have the mindset that it’s not enough and you need or want more.

Lately I have been so upset because I wanted the materials in life. New car, house, more clothes and shoes etc…”

Despite her material desires, Amanda quickly learned that those pale in comparison to what her patient was pining after in life!


Facebook/Amanda Mary Perez

Amanda continued her heartfelt post:

“For those of you who don’t know, I am a personal care aide ([an] at-home nurse). I take care of people with all types of conditions. I was at my client’s home this morning and one of the jobs he asked me to do for him was clean his fridge.

I opened it and this is what I saw….”


Facebook/Amanda Mary Perez

 “Seeing this, I quickly turned over and asked him who buys him food. He pointed at himself and looked down as if he was ashamed. He said, ‘I buy food when I have the money.’

I cried.

I have never seen a fridge so empty in my life. THANK MY LORD.

All of a sudden, I realized how my needs are ‘wants’ and his wants are ‘needs.’ You have to eat to live, of course. I cleaned his fridge and left when my shift was over – but when I got in my car I knew I COULD NOT GO HOME….”


Facebook/Amanda Mary Perez

“I don’t have food stamps or a good-paying job, so I used my income tax money to fill his fridge as much as I could.

This isn’t a post to be noticed. This is a post to show you that there are so many people out there that have it worse than we do. I opened my eyes and realized I need to stop being so mad about what I don’t have and start appreciating what I do have.”

Even though Amanda doesn’t have much money to throw around, she knew this was absolutely worth splurging on. She had the chance to help her patient in a way she couldn’t have imagined just hours before!


Facebook/Amanda Mary Perez

Nurses are special people to begin with, but Amanda took her kindness and selflessness to the next level. There’s no denying Amanda’s patient now looks at her as his guardian angel!