> People are hanging their old coats on Dublin bridge for needy homeless

People are hanging their old coats on Dublin bridge for needy homeless


Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin is covered with people’s old coats. This humble gesture is made by kind humans to help those in need. They come and hang coats they don’t want anymore and whoever in need and feels cold in the freezing winter can take the caot they want.

Pictures of the coats hung on the bridge are going viral, showing dozens of snug looking coats and jackets hanging on a bridge rail in Dublin city centre, with plenty of sizes to choose from.

In one of the photos, a plastic box is shown which is filled with woolly hats, gloves and scarves.

People have been encouraged to donate their unwanted clothes.

This all began when a Facebook page called Warm For Winter begun, which aims to help the homeless during the winter months ahead.

Around Irish towns and cities, people are leaving their old belongings on bridges in dry spots, in locations where lots of people pass.

This has emerged after there have been protests within the nation, demanding that the growing homelessness crisis be addressed.

The campaign was originally started by Patrick Fryers, and he says that he hopes it begins to happen in much more locations.

He said: “Even if it’s only one coat, bring it anywhere you think someone might need it and hang it up.”

Patrick is continuing to collect coats and hang them out at Ha’penny Bridge and is saying it would be fantastic if others could do the same.

“Imagine everyone else doing the same thing, it’s not a big task,” he said.

Patrick added that he doesn’t want to cover the coats in plastic – in order to prevent them from getting wet – as he is concerned that they could blow into the Liffey.

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