Photographer finds abandoned house in the woods – opens the door and gets the shock of her life


Leslie David from Ontario, Canada is a thrill-seeker with a passion for adventure and surprise.

Along with her other passion in life — photography, Leslies like to go hunting for abandoned houses in her hometown to explore and take brilliant pictures.

One day, on one of her search missions, she found an empty house with a broken roof and an entrance almost entirely covered with weed.

When she entered the house, she found something that would change her life forever.

This is Leslie David. On her Instagram and website, she shares pictures of her adventures and abandoned houses she visits.

Her latest discovery has now touched tens of thousands of hearts worldwide.

She had found yet another old and run-down house that appeared abandoned. She entered, as she always does, but inside the house she discovered something shocking.

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An older man named Lawrence was actually living in the rundown and ‘abandoned’ house.

On her Instagram page and website, she explained that Lawrence had been living in the house on his own for a while.

“He has a hard time getting around so he spends most of his time in there. Alone. He is missing his right eye and has cataracts infecting the left,” Leslie writes. “Even after noticing a stranger essentially helping themselves to his life he was nothing but sweet and kind to me. He was even nice enough to let me take his picture which I will always treasure. He is a beautiful soul and I plan on visiting him a lot.”

Leslie thanked Lawrence for his hospitality and promised to visit him again.

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A few days later, Leslie returned to Lawrence’s with plenty of food and drinks. For three hours, the new friends sat together in the decrepit house. They shared a good meal, laughter and lovely conversation.

Lawrence told Leslie his life story — both the highs and the lows.

“He is THE kindest man. He has melted my heart. I brought him some chilli and tea biscuits and some snacks for the next few days until I can make it back later this week,” she writes on her website. “I hope to have most of the trash cleared out and a few repairs done by the end of the summer. Give him a bit of his home back.”

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After their first meeting, Leslie continued to bring Lawrence food regularly to make sure he was fed.

It was obvious to Leslie that Lawrence had been so alone that he had given up on life. She found out that he’d once had a stroke, yet hadn’t even sought medical help.

His meeting Leslie, however, revived something in him. He began to slowly regain a passion for life.

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Leslie really sympathized and cared for the lonely and hurt man. She realized that a renovation of his home could help bring his joy for life back.

She decided to take on that project, with the help of several friends and relatives.

Lawrence was old and years of neglect on his health and body had caught up with him. Leslie knew Lawrence didn’t have much time left and she wanted his last years on earth to be filled with joy and love.

“He’s informed me of his funeral arrangements and has asked me to be there. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way. He shared something with me that will stay with me forever. He said the day I showed up was the best day of his life,” Leslie writes on her page. “As self righteous as I feel writing that, I understand how he feels. The best day of my life was when I met him. He gave me the chance to really do something for someone – an act of kindness with no expectation of reward. It’s a rare opportunity and I’m glad I was able to accept the challenge.” 

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When the renovations were finally done, Leslie and Lawrence continued to meet and and talk.

The two had conversations about each other’s lives and life in general.

Lawrence would speak about, among other things, how he had lost contact with his brother, the family member he was closest to.

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Months went by and Lawrences’s health worsened. Leslie helped find him a retirement home so that he could be looked after.

Leslie still visits him — she brings him his favorite dishes and sometimes brings her dog along too.

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Lawrence loves his new home and is fully aware that all good that’s happened to him lately would have not been possible without Leslie.

Leslie writes that she hopes that more can be inspired by their unexpected friendship.

“I’m posting this picture in hopes that it will inspire at least one person to reach out to someone they may have lost contact with or perhaps just forgot about,” she wrote on the website along with pictures of Lawrence. “These old souls are still full of life and I feel blessed to have met this one.”

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Just as Leslie writes, I really hope that this wonderful story can inspire all of us.

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