These Photos Absolutely Destroyed Me. But Why They Exist Is Much Bigger Than My Tears.


There are hundreds of thousands of animals waiting in shelters throughout the United States to find homes. Out of all of those healthy, but lonely, animals, an unbelievable amount are euthanized. In North Carolina alone, over 250,000 animals are euthanized each year. That means nearly 700 animals are killed daily, simply because no one wanted to adopt them.

A photographer named Mary Shannon Johnstone has made it her mission to educate the public on animal over-population and the disgusting number of innocent animals that are killed because of careless breeding and the lack of spaying/neutering pets.

Her project is called Breeding Ignorance and below we wanted to share with you a few photos to help drive her point home. Warning: Some of photos contain graphic or disturbing images.

These photos are disturbing, but how animals are treated at kill shelters can be even worse than what you see here. To see more of Mary’s work, visit her site.

Unfortunately, it’d be impossible to save every unwanted animal in the United States, but you can do your part to help pay for their shelter stays or reduce the number of unwanted pets. Spay or neuter your own animals (or even caught strays). You can even donate to your local shelters or sponsor a homeless pet.

Via: petapixel

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