Mojo the pit bull pup amstaff mix up was only 3 months old when his life was already at threat. Suffering from severe demodectic mange, the pooch had only hours to live when he was rescued by Joey Wagner.

One kind human was trying to take care of the pup but Mojo’s case was too severe, so Wagner took him straight to an animal hospital. With extensive care, the pooch got better and adoption requests started coming. However, the severity of his condition made it impossible for ordinary adoptions, and so that’s when Wagner stepped in again.

Being one of the creators of the non-profit Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, Wagner decided to give a home to Mojo. When he returned to the animal hospital where he left the pup, Mojo was shy at first but as soon as he recognized his hero, he couldn’t contain his excitement and leaped straight into the man’s arms! 2 years passed since then and Mojo’s fur has never fully returned, however that doesn’t stop him from living a happy life with his big family.

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This tiny pup named Mojo was only 3 months old when vets diagnosed that he had only hours to live

The pup had severe mange but a rescuer Joey Wagner didn’t give up on him

With extensive care Mojo got better but he couldn’t be adopted because of his illness… that’s when Wagner decided to take him home

Upon Wagner’s return to the hospital, the pup was so happy to see his hero that he jumped right into his arms and started kissing him

2 years passed since then and Mojo is all grown up now

The pittie’s fur has never fully returned, however that doesn’t hold him back

He lives with a big caring family that loves him to bits!

“Mojo’s will to live was enormous! He filled the hearts of so many people with love, hope and forgiveness”

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