A couple years back, Shannon’s family grew unexpectedly when her Sharpei-pitbull mix, Asia, gave birth to a puppy named Raider. But it’s what happened next that shocked her to no end.

Soon after Asia gave birth, Shannon volunteered to take care of three tiny kittens who were left on her friend’s front porch. She mentally prepared herself for lots of late nights and bottle-feeding. But the second she returned home with the newborn babies, Asia started acting peculiar. The big dog couldn’t take her eyes off of them — and an incredible relationship began to form.

From that day forward, Asia stepped in to take care of the kittens. She cleaned them, nursed them and protected them just as she did her puppy, Raider. “The first couple of days she wouldn’t leave their side at all. It took her a few days for them to get settled in and for her to get comfortable before she would even leave the box,” Shannon said.

While Shannon was surprised by Asia’s willingness to adopt the kittens, veterinarian Dr. Preston attributes it to the power of motherly instinct. Despite the fact the kittens weren’t hers and they didn’t smell like dogs, “The urge to mother and nurse is greater than all those other things.”

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