> Police Officer Goes Viral For Helping A Lost Little Boy

Police Officer Goes Viral For Helping A Lost Little Boy


ALouisiana police officer is getting a lot of kudos after heartwarming photos showed him comforting a boy who lost his parents at the International Rice Festival.

Officer David Taylor scooped the boy up and held him on his shoulders for over 30 minutes as they looked for his parents. At one moment, the boy even fell asleep on the officer’s shoulder.

Just like the time two police officers bought a bike for a teen in need and when one who helped a nervous stranger, this cop has touched the hearts of many.

“I think it’s awesome because we hear so much negative things about our police officers today so I’m happy to say that I’ve seen something that’s a positive image. That’s an officer going above and beyond the call of duty,” resident Carolyn Senegal told local news station KLFY.

See what Officer Taylor had to say about the incident along with the heartwarming photos below…


Officer Taylor had been with the Crowley Police Department in Louisiana for 18 months when he was photographed helping a lost young boy.


The officer received a ton of praise for his actions, but he insists he was simply doing his job.

“What I was doing is nothing different from the rest of our law enforcement colleagues. The only difference is that someone took a photo of me,” Officer Taylor told ABC.


“He was extremely upset…I put him on my shoulders to see if he would be able to see his parents,” he said. “He started to fall asleep, and I moved him down to my chest.”


“If it shines a true light on what police officers do and can do, then [this attention] is a good thing,” he added.

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