Police Officers Heard Whimpering Aound Coming From A Pile Of Dirt And Find This Poor Creature Buried Alive


“They heard a whimpering sound, like a crying animal behind them,” Williston Police Chief Dennis Strow told TODAY.com. “They went to explore it and figured out it was coming from below.”

It’s really difficult to understand why anyone would or could harm a defenseless and innocent animal. It takes a special kind of evil to be able to do so without feeling regret, and especially to do so in very cruel, torturous ways.

The noises of a whimpering dog could be heard across the woods as police were out on a job in Williston, Florida. They couldn’t immediately see a dog anywhere around them, so they tried to follow the sounds and were met with an icy shock when they realized that those cries were originating from a pile of dirt.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Working quickly, they dug through the dirt and found a tiny puppy about half a foot deep who had been abandoned and left to die, buried alive in a cruel act. Somehow, the puppy had survived despite lacking space for air. Immediately, the pup was brought the a vet, where it was found that he was only a week old.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Thankfully, the puppy was still in a good state of health. He was easy to bottle feed and was happy for the much-needed meal.

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

The little guy is also getting a new home —  a veterinarian technician at Levy adopted Tucker soon after his arrival.

“I went by and looked at him this morning and he’s doing very well,” Strow told TODAY.com. “He’ll get a second chance at a real life in a loving home.”

Meanwhile, the Williston police department is still looking for the person who buried the puppy.

“What’s disturbing,” he added, “Is that when you look at this fellow you ask, how can he be threatening to anyone?”

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

Despite all the trauma this pup went through, in the end, he found a forever home quickly!

What a happy ending to a story that started out so heartbreakingly!

Image Credit: Williston Police Department

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