Poor Dog Hit By A Car Waits In The Snow For Hours For Somebody To Rescue Him


Shockingly, in many states, it’s not illegal to leave the scene after hitting an animal with a vehicle. Unfortunately, this means that many animals are killed or suffer while waiting to be rescued, and there’s no way to punish the responsible party.

That might just start to change, however, and it’s all thanks to Charlie. After being struck by a car, this poor guy waited for hours on the snowy roadside before being rescued.

Now, those who helped him are doing something special to make sure no other animals go through that experience…

When a dog named Charlie was found severely injured on the side of the road, the two pedestrians who found him knew he needed help quickly. He was hit by a car while walking on the side of a road in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.


Unfortunately, the person who hit him didn’t stop to see if he was okay, and the injured pup curled up in the snow and waited for any help to arrive. By the time the pedestrians spotted him, he was cold, wet, and badly injured.


Luckily, the two pedestrians knew how important it was for them to help. They used their sweatshirts to wrap him up and keep him warm, and they found a ride to the Animal Hospital of Kannapolis. But would Charlie be okay?


At the hospital, doctors began treating Charlie’s injuries. It was only after his X-ray results returned that they realized his pelvis had been crushed in the accident. He would need an expensive surgery to reset the bones, but unfortunately, he had nobody to pay for it…


For a time, it looked like Charlie was out of luck. However, a relative of one his rescuers set up a GoFundMe page to cover the dog’s surgery costs. Soon, as word of his story spread, money started pouring in; everyone seemed to want Charlie back on his paws again!


In the end, Charlie underwent a successful operation and came out as cheerful and good-spirited as ever! Even though he had been through a very stressful ordeal, he was all smiles. He was a trooper throughout the entire process!


It would take him a few months of healing to be back to normal, but he seemed to be on the right track. He had to get used to his bandages and plastic cone, but he took it all in stride; he was just thrilled to be getting the attention!


Also, thanks to the GoFundMe campaign, Charlie received local news coverage, which led to plenty of adoption requests! Once he was healed, he was likely going be able to find a forever home right away.

His situation also inspired animal activists in North Carolina. Heather Russell, a veterinary assistant at Charlie’s hospital, started a petition to make it illegal to hit animals with a vehicle and flee the scene. Hopefully soon, no more animals in the state would have to go through what Charlie did.


It’s amazing to see random people donating their money for a good cause like this. Thanks to everyone who supported Charlie, he’ll be back at it in no time! There’s nothing that can keep him down!

That’s one resilient pup! You can sign the petition making animal hit and runs like Charlie’s illegal at this website!

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