This Powerful Anti-Drinking Ad From Finland Shows How Kids See Their Parents Who Drink.


This anti-drinking ad shown in Finland asks a simple question: “How do children see their parents when they’re drunk?” The answer to that question is both poignant and terrifying, but necessary for a country where alcohol is a major cause of death.

The ad depicts terrified children living in a world full of monsters. As the ad goes on and the horror movie music builds, the camera cuts to what the children are looking at: the terrifying monsters that are their parents. The drunk parents are depicted as everything from a huge scary bunny to a masked man.

Watch the chilling ad below:


(Source: Lasinenlapsuus/ViralNova)

I’ve seen a lot of anti-drinking ads before, but this one really hit me. That last kid’s acting was so on point that it made me sweat.