Pregnant Lady Sobs on Street, but Passerby Have No Idea They’re on Ellen’s Hidden Camera


This poor woman has had it rough: She’s just moved to Hollywood to have a go at showbiz, then her boyfriend breaks up with her, now she’s trying to move out but the boxes keep breaking open and spilling everything onto the road… And to top it all off, she’s pregnant!

Except, not really. It’s all a fake scenario scripted by none other than Ellen herself as part of her new segment, “Cash For Kindness.”

A staff writer plays the part of the pregnant damsel in distress, standing behind a large U-Haul truck filled with boxes and assorted household knick knacks.


The action outside the studio is live-streamed, and the audience watches as the contents of a big box spill out onto the side of a busy street. Who wouldn’t want to stop and give this poor lady a hand? Apparently, everyone who drove past. Now desperate, Amy starts waving her arms at a passing driver and calls out for help.


“See if he does it on his own,” Ellen says into her earpiece. “Don’t beg him.”

Nope, he doesn’t.


A box full of large, plastic balls breaks open and they go flying in all directions. Finally, after a third box breaks open, Amy flops down on the pavement and pretends to cry.


That finally gets her some attention, and several strangers stop to render aid.


Of course, Ellen isn’t about to let these heroes go unsung!

Watch the video below to see how she rewards their kindness, and share to spread the goodness today.