Little Tahjir behaved like any other four-your-old boy.

When he cried, it was his mom’s job to comfort him. When he fell, it was her job to pick him up.

And when Tahjir spilled his cereal, guess what? It was her job to clean it up. 

But when Lisa Smith saw the mess her son had made, she and her boyfriend beat him so severely he wet himself.

They then placed him in a scalding hot shower until he died.

Smith, 19, and her boyfriend Keiff King, 26, of Willow Grove, near Philadelphia, were arrested on Tuesday.

The cruel couple called 911 after Tahjir became unresponsive.


Smith and King decided to punish Tahjir by punching him in the back of the head.


They then stripped him naked from the waist down and used a sandal to smack his buttocks.

When he urinated over himself, they then put him in the shower and scalded him until he became unconscious. 

On Tuesday, they were charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated assault, child endangerment, and related offenses.

They could face murder charges once the autopsy on the boy is complete. 


After Tahjir spilled his cereal, Smith confronted him.

He was so scared he began to stutter. He then admitted to the accident, prompting the start of the alleged abuse, according to  


King punched and struck the boy in the back of the head.

The assault was so severe that the youngster urinated on himself and then passed out.

King then placed him in the shower and blasted him with cold and scalding hot water, Smith told police.


When Tahjir was still unresponsive after the shower, Smith said, she wanted to call 911.

But King allegedly told her, ‘He is still breathing. He is cool. He is still up,’ according to the documents. 

Smith told police she watched as her son’s eyes rolled in the back of her head – his mouth wide open. 

King then dressed Tahjir and the pair took him outside, and called 911. 


Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele told Fox 29: ‘This senseless death of a four-year-old boy at the hands of the very adults who are supposed to care for him and keep him safe is a horrible tragedy’.

‘This is the face of domestic violence — a preschooler was beaten until he stopped breathing because he spilled his cereal.’


When the emergency services arrived, the pair made up a story as to why Tahjir wasn’t responsive. 

Police said when they entered the home they found it in a inhabitable state and crawling with roaches.

According to the coroner, the child had previous injuries including broken ribs.


‘Unfortunately, it looks like the child didn’t go through this the first time last night,’ Steele said. ‘It’s gonna be our time to stand up for a child who can’t speak for himself anymore.’

King and Smith are being held on a $500,000 bail with a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 31.

Smith is also currently eight months pregnant, according to Fox 29.


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