This Professor Had The Perfect Response When She Asked To Bring Her Dog To Class


When Hurricane Irma set its sights on the Georgia coast, 19-year-old Georgia Southern sophomore Jessica Lewis decided that she and her dog Luna would be leaving their college town and driving home to Atlanta to ride the storm out with her family.

Trying to juggle her last class of the day with getting out of town with her dog in tow was proving problematic, however.

The Answer Is Probably No

Then Jessica had an idea. She decided to send an email to her professor. “Dr. Kennedy…I realize the answer to this is probably no, but I thought you might be a cool enough professor to say yes. Can I bring my dog to class today?”

She went on to explain that if Luna could attend class with her she’d be able to leave straight for Atlanta as soon as class was over. It’d save her hours in traffic.

She even included a couple pictures of Luna, just so her professor could see how cute she was.

She got this reply back from her professor a few minutes later. “Did you think calling me ‘cool’ would get me to say yes?

Because it won’t work. What will work is SHE’S OBVIOUSLY A GOOD GIRL SO OF COURSE, YOU CAN BRING HER.”

A Model Student

It turns out Dr. Kennedy is a big dog lover, so it didn’t take much convincing. The rest of the class was delighted to have her there as well.

As for Luna, she was a model pupil for the entire hour and 15 minutes. “She walked around and got pets from everybody and had a great time,” Jessica said. “She made a lot of friends. Everyone loved her, professor included.”

Once class was over, both ladies were able to get on the road made it safely home to Atlanta.

Do you think the professor made the right call?