This Puppy Had Been Left For Dead In A Sealed Box – But Still Wagged Her Tail For Help!


This poor puppy was beaten up and left in a sealed box..

One evening, a Good Samaritan heard a soft thumping sound from a nearby dumpster.

Curiosity got the better of him as he decided to lift the dumpster lid to investigate, finding a box inside.

He soon found out that the thumping sound came from inside the sealed box and quickly opened it. He was shocked to find a 4 month-old puppy inside the box, who had been abused so badly that she could not even move!


She was simply beaten up and left for dead in a dumpster, treated like trash! Alarmed by her condition, he immediately contacted Dallas Dog RRR for help. Upon receiving the call, Dallas Dog RRR volunteers rushed to the scene and took the puppy to a animal hospital for medical help. Unfortunately, the puppy’s condition was critical so she had to be taken into the ER.

The puppy needed a name, so she was named Sally. At the animal hospital, Sally was diagnosed with a high fever, dehydration and chronic mange. In addition, Sally was physically weak and suffered open wounds which were bleeding. Sally’s paws were also swollen and painful.

Despite her serious condition, Sally never failed to stop wagging her tail and bravely endured all the pain! Sally faced a long recovery and had to stay at the animal hospital for several days at first.

She eventually moved into a foster home, where she would continue to visit the vet regularly for treatment. Her foster mom, Patti, came to pick Sally up from the animal hospital and got a pleasant greeting from Sally.

Sally was overjoyed upon seeing her and smothered Patti’s face with kisses! She obviously knows that she is in good hands and looks forward to her recovery. It was only a matter of time that Sally full recovers from this terrible ordeal.

During her time in her foster home, Sally steadily made progress in her recovery. Patti took great care of her needs and health, while showering her with the love she deserves.

A few months later, Sally has recovered fully and is now mange-free! Thanks to the efforts of the volunteers at Dallas Dog RRR and her foster family, Sally is now a happy and healthy puppy!

She has also been successfully adopted and now lives happily with her new family in her forever home! Sally’s wishes have finally came true!

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