He Puts A Bowl Over A Can Of Soup. Seconds Later? Your Stuff Will NEVER Be Stolen!


If you’re looking for a cool, easy and effective way to hide your valuables, look no further than the Secret Soup Can Safe!

First, you just finish off a can of your favorite soup, in this case the classic Campbell Chicken Noodle does just the trick. Once your can is empty, you have the main ingredient for a sneaky safe that can protect your belongings. Other tools for this DIY project include a can opener, hot glue gun and a smaller jar to place inside the can. In the end, you’ll be able to safely stash your items by twisting open the top of the can to reveal the secret compartment.

YouTube user and genius behind this video, “The Man’s Cave,” says this is one of the easiest builds he’s ever posted online, so there’s no excuse not to try this awesome “hack” on your own!

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