> He Puts A Tennis Ball Into His Pool And Left It There Overnight. What It Does To The Water? GENIUS!

He Puts A Tennis Ball Into His Pool And Left It There Overnight. What It Does To The Water? GENIUS!


Perhaps you’ve lived your whole life thinking that tennis balls are made only for use on the court or perhaps as a ball to throw around with your dog. If so, you’re about to learn a bunch of “off the court” uses for these green fuzzy balls. And we’re not talking about theTennis ball bombs that police have been warning you about this summer.

Find out a bunch of cool ways to repurpose tennis balls as you scroll down now!

While dryer sheets are a great way to remove static from your clothes dryer, they are covered in chemicals. If you want a more eco-friendly and safe way to rid your clean clothes of static, wrap a tennis ball in aluminum foil. The foil cuts out the static while the weight of the ball keeps it bouncing throughout your next drying cycle.

I have those black scuff marks that magically appear on my kitchen tile and other floor surfaces. But did you know you can get them gone just like that? Yes. A brand-new, dry tennis ball does the trick. Drag them over those black streaky eyesores and they’ll be no more. You can even do this from your feet. Cut an X into the ball and stick a broom handle through it.

Are your curtain rods boring? With a tennis ball and some fabric you can make them so much cuter. Cut a large hole into the tennis ball, then wrap it with your fabric of choice folding the edges into the hole. After that simply press your tennis ball onto the ends of your curtain rod.

While backyard pools are an infinite source of relaxation and fun for kids, it can actually be a source of stress for adults. With all the cleaning and empty and refilling water, a pool is a lot of work. But when you toss a tennis ball into the pool, it will float around the surface. As it does, it collects debris and body oils from the water making pool cleaning a whole lot easier for you.

Does your purse collect an infinity of small items? Perhaps, coins, LEGOs, rubber bands, and paper clips? Then this trick is for you. Cut along the seam of a tennis ball. When you press the sides together, the lip will open up and you’ve got a simple and inexpensive “coin purse.”

Pulling into the garage is always and experiment. But if you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling, it can tell you when you’ve made it all the way in. Just park your car exactly where you want it and then hang the ball so it dangles right over the windshield. Next time you pull in, you’ll know exactly where to park.

Do you have tight muscles in your back or legs? Wrap two tennis balls in athletic tape and then put them on the floor. Set the part of your body in need of a massage down on the balls and move around. This is an inexpensive way to get physical therapy and body work without visiting a professional.

Which tennis ball tricks do you find most useful?