Here  are few times that we get to witness the miracle of birth, especially births in the animal world. For animals on the verge of extinction, this event is even more rare. They are often targeted by hunters and poachers, and don’t have the opportunity to reproduce. The extinction of the sumatran rhino in Malaysia, for example, was a very sad day for the animal kingdom.

Animals kept in animal sanctuaries and zoos have a slightly higher chance of mating and continuing the species. Animals like rhinos are paired with the hopes that the two will hit it off. Sometimes it works! We just heard of the birth of a baby southern white rhino named Kianga!

But it’s another birth that we’re all buzzing about. This time, in a U.K. zoo, a black rhino named Damara gave birth.

The black rhino species is determined to be critically endangered, because of the rising demand for its horn. Along with long gestation periods and increasingly high mortality rates, the chances of survival are slim – making this birth particularly rare.

Watch the gripping footage as mom prepares to give birth. At first, you can see a protrusion behind her. And just a few seconds later, a fully-formed calf comes out! Mom immediately moves aside to greet her baby, unintentionally dragging him on the hay. She soon realizes and is able to meet her calf.

The species may not be thriving, but with this birth, it may be on its way!

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