He Released His Two Pit Bulls Into The River. What They Find? Made My Jaw Drop

This is one of those videos that completely grabbed my attention the second it started. To give a straightforward overview, it shows two pit bulls running through a river, catching large salmon and bringing them to shore. I was definitely taken aback by how large the fish were, and by how easily the dogs were able to catch them. The video states that the fish were all thrown back into the water at the end to die naturally.
Before you watch, I think it’s important to take into consideration some of the points brought up in the video’s YouTube description. According to the brief description, the owner of the pit bulls claims that he was not present when this video was filmed; his friend was looking after his dogs and took them to the river where she filmed this. The dog-owner goes on to explain that he wouldn’t have allowed his dogs to do this normally, and that he doesn’t think this behavior is healthy for the natural habitat of the fish. Nevertheless, these pit bulls pulled in quite the catch during their day on the river and the footage is flooring people everywhere.
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