At just 13 years old, Luke Thiull constructed a tiny house in his backyard, with guidance from his father. While most kids his age were engrossed in their smartphones and teenage crushes, Luke dedicated his free time to create a self-sufficient tiny house that offers nearly all the essentials for independent living.

Hailing from the state of Iowa, Luke and his father joined forces to construct a diminutive 89-square-foot tiny house in their backyard. Initially, some of his classmates teased him, but their disbelief turned to awe once they witnessed the interior of the house.

The young boy shared a video on YouTube where he unveiled his grand aspiration – to construct a full-sized house someday. He took a step towards realizing his dream by collaborating with his father to create a tiny house in their garden. This tiny dwelling includes a communal and relaxation area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bedroom. Luke frequently prepares his own meals and occasionally spends nights in the house, particularly during the winter months.

Luke provides a tour of the tiny house’s interior:

To construct the house, they utilized recycled materials and remnants found at their grandmother’s house. Several years ago, he managed to create it for approximately $150, with numerous items received as gifts. The process of designing and constructing the house with his father spanned a year.

In the accompanying video, Luke’s father, Greg, mentioned that Luke funded a significant portion of the project on his own. He emphasized that this endeavor provides a young individual with a chance to pursue something more substantial in life beyond simply playing computer games. Greg remarked, “The construction process has imparted valuable life lessons to my child.” Explore the interior of the tiny house that Luke, at the tender age of 13, skillfully crafted.

How Luke spends time in his tiny house:



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