Rescue chipmunk discovers new bed sheets. His reaction has the Internet in stitches


Get ready to witness one of the cutest videos to ever be filmed and put on the internet — ever.

This might sound like an exaggeration, but I assure you, it is not. A video was recently uploaded by Animals United that is making people melt in their seats. A very cute, very playful rescue chipmunk is thoroughly enjoying a fresh set of sheets.

It might not sound like much, but once you see this little guy’s hilarious facial expressions and adorable movements, you’ll completely understand why it’s been viewed over 3 million times.

A little chipmunk rolls around, yawns, and stretches in some new, clean sheets. It’s almost too cute to handle.

Who doesn’t love fresh laundry? And a new set of sheets on a bed is nothing short of heaven. It looks like this chipmunk agrees wholeheartedly. The sweet moment begins with the tiny critter rubbing his face into the white linens and letting out a huge yawn.

Source: YouTube

Spreading out his tiny little paws, the chipmunk just makes himself more and more comfortable by the second. He begins to army crawl toward the camera before getting in a good stretch.

The playful critter drags his body along the soft sheets, nuzzling his little face into them at every chance he gets.


Source: YouTube

The more relaxed the chipmunk gets, the more yawns and stretches ensue. His little mouth almost quadrupling in size with every yawn. It’s just about the most adorable thing ever filmed.


Source: YouTube

Sprawling his entire body across the sheets, you can just see that the small chipmunk is in his version of heaven. It’s almost like he’s tired and wants to enjoy the comfort of the bed, but he’s just too excited to stay still.

Who knew a minute and 34 seconds could be so amazing? This chipmunk’s comfortable bliss is worth watching on repeat all day long.

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